Bdrmm kick off their year with new single | “Heaven”

Bdrmm kick off their 2019 with the release of “Heaven”. This is the Hull band’s second offering of their self-proclaimed “gross dreamy noise” on London label Permanent Creeps, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

Filled with melodies that evaporate into the atmosphere, “Heaven” is a track that ascends into the skies with effortless beauty. Its slight lo-fi crunch adds texture to the mix, bringing some power behind the drums that contends with the billowing guitars nicely. Warm bass notes cut through the layers, lending groove while the guitars deliver melodies endlessly. Frontman Ryan Smith’s vocals float upon the instrumental, crooning out breathy lyricism and allowing this track to become a truly heavenly listen. It’s a beautiful little tune from Bdrmm, and one that shall remain idyllic forever.

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