Beach Riot are back with new single ‘Blush’. The Brighton four piece have had a rather productive year, including a sweet collaborative EP with fellow Alcopop! Members Gaffa Tape Sandy. These releases have really helped bring their brand of fuzz to the ears. The new single offers more of this delicious fuzz, especially as it comes with some limited-edition beer. I do not need beer goggles to tell you Beach Riot are my new favourites.

Backed with some serious distortion, ‘Blush’ brings the riot half of the band’s name to the forefront. Driven, forward-thinking guitars barge their way through the speakers, pushing aside any silence to inject themselves straight into your mind. Temperamental drums batter out the grooves, crashing and colliding violently against the riffs to create a sound that’s dizzyingly good. It certainly leaves your head in a spin, especially during the chorus which sees the tune find a new gear somehow.

The vocals are well done, as the female/male dynamic detail their feelings towards one another in a simultaneous fashion that only adds to this mind-melting sound. They sound almost sweet in their execution, delivering the occasional harmony that sinks into the ravaged instrumental.

‘Blush’ is a fantastic song from Beach Riot. It sounds like a love song that’s been thrown in a woodchipper – sputtering out pieces of beaten-up instruments and vocals that makes it sound chaotic and on the verge of falling apart. It’s a blast. I can’t get enough.

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