Beachtape / New EP – Bigger Picture

Brighton’s Beachtape are back with their new EP, Bigger Picture. Written during a time that brought a lot of change, this is an EP that celebrates the band’s newly found focus towards a new chapter. Backed up with influences ranging from the likes of Pavement, Wilco and Dinosaur Jr, this is a record that will surely create and wrap you up in a fuzzy blanket of noise. My my, that sounds inviting.

The aforementioned influences are clear to hear throughout as Bigger Picture comes in strong with instrumentals steeped in thick, distorted guitars. ‘Loose Ends’ kicks things off with a high-energy performance that collides against the day-to-day monotony of life, while ‘Somewhere Better’ cools down the tempo with a more mellowed vibe. The shifts in pace do not disrupt the flow of the record however, they all seem to fit nicely with the laid-back vocals. I really enjoy the rhythm in ‘Think Like You’, which has a swagger about it you could see strutting down the street, letting loose with the odd outburst of chaos before settling down into the perfect-closer sound of ‘Somebody Like Hugh’.

Bigger Picture is a great EP from Beachtape. It’s full of hard hitting distortion, mellowed out grooves and a high level of energy that makes for some good listening, without overstaying its welcome.

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