Bedhead / “Fight No More”

Fight No More” is the new single from Bedhead. The project of Veronica Racanelli launched earlier this year with “Bitter” and looks to build upon that solid start with a song that throws middle fingers to feeling trapped and celebrates freedom.

I started writing “Fight No More” a couple summers ago during a really low point in my life; I found myself feeling incredibly overwhelmed and frustrated with my depression. I had been stuck in this headspace that felt like it would never end, even after years of treatment. Suddenly, something just snapped. Enough was enough. I said “fuck this,” and “Fight No More” was born.

There’s no better emotion than the feeling of “fuck this”, and it’s portrayed brilliantly on “Fight No More”. Massive walls of synths fill the room with an 80’s vibe, drums boom out into the atmosphere and Bedhead’s vocals soar, delivering a feeling of freedom that actually makes us feel good too. It’s got groove and flair throughout, and is a great way to kick off a new chapter in Bedhead’s life.

Listen to “Fight No More” below and connect with Bedhead on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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