The debut single is a carefully considered decision that not only makes an impact, but introduces the sound and thoughts of the brand new band. “Science” is the debut single from North East trio bigfatbig and it is a single that does exactly that.

Long-time friends Robyn Walker and Katie Ryall alongside bassist Chaz Hall tackle the world of modern dating with “Science”, giving an honest account of being a woman in a society dominated by apps, social media and a lack of respect. Katie explains: “Being single for the first time as an adult opened my eyes to modern casual relationships. The complexities that social media, free thinking, and a misogynistic world has had on 2018 “dating” weren’t a shock to me – I hadn’t been living under a rock – however, I also hadn’t considered how they could equal a lack of respect. Without going into detail, Science came after growing tired of being mistreated by men who believed that because a relationship is casual, respect doesn’t come into it. We all came to the conclusion of writing Science as a big “fuck you” to this – song writing is cathartic to us, and screaming this song every practice has certainly helped me navigate what it means to be a single adult.”

First of all, badass. Secondly, the above is perfectly illustrated in the song. Vocals spit venomous lyricism that cut to the point, providing depth and character and throwing wind into caution’s face. Scrappy guitar riffs collide with thunderous drums to create a booming instrumental, especially during the chorus, which fills the room with a massive hook that solidifies the “fuck you” nature. “Science” is punchy, bold and very satisfying to listen to.

Listen to “Science” below and connect with bigfatbig on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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