Bikini Trill are a trio from LA and this is their new single ‘Thank You Mr. Postman’. I was introduced to these guys back in 2018 with their excellent debut EP Wassup, We Good?, so this is quite a throwback. I loved the artwork and designs and am pleased to see that the style has remained for this new tune.

I wanted to be a Postman when I grew up but that quickly turned into wanting to be other things such as a WWE wrestler, Archaeologist, helping rich people become richer while saying things like “fri-yay”. What I mean is that Posties do indeed deserve praise for what they do, and it’s nice to see Bikini Trill feel the same way.

‘Thank You Mr. Postman’ sounds like a dream. Its instrumental oozes chill vibes as it surrounds the ears with an escape from reality. Lighter than air vocals float easily through the layers to make this a proper immersive experience. Expansive beats seem to loop endlessly, lifting you up and above the clouds, treating you to a nice slice of sky complete with dancing rainbows and shimmering butterflies.

I’d like to thank Bikini Trill for being my postman, as they have delivered something wonderful. ‘Thank You Mr. Postman’ makes me feel high on life despite not taking anything. If this leads to the release of an eventual EP, I’ll be patiently waiting by my window for the Postman.

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