Bones & Bridges – ‘Go Figure’ | Single Review

‘Go Figure’ is the new single from Bones & Bridges. This trio from Toronto have already caused a splash in their infancy, having co-wrote for the likes of Alessia Cara and Drake, and their debut ‘Reveries’ certainly took off as a great way to say hello. This new single looks to say more than hello, and offer up more than just a name for these guys.

This song is all about investing time and love into one person, only to discover that said person wasn’t up for doing the same. It’s a pretty rubbish thing to experience, but one that definitely helps shape a person. Bones & Bridges do a great job of bringing that emotion into ‘Go Figure’, as they pair wounded melodies with a spacious instrumental, all wrapped up in a sound that’s very catchy indeed.

It’s a song that heals the soul and gets the hips moving all at once. Bones & Bridges have certainly proved their talent with ‘Go Figure’ and it’s clear to see why they’ve already been given the opportunities to work alongside big artists.

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