BORG / New Single – ‘Mission Impossible’

Swedish artist BORG releases new single ‘Mission Impossible’. Her first single of the year is an exciting exploration into a new, vibrant sound that dazzles the ears.

Much like her name, BORG proved with her debut EP that she, too, is a fortress. Honest and Cool knocked down walls of anxiety with bold displays of sound, bursting the restraints and flowing with freedom. On her new single ‘Mission Impossible’ BORG explores this new-found freedom.

Its instrumental embraces a new, vibrant style that leans into a more Pop-focused sound. Synthesisers shimmer in the chorus in a way that makes it float out of the airwaves. Expressing a care-free attitude that hadn’t been heard previously. It makes for immediate gratification for sure, and comes across even better with a strong contrast from the lyrics. They seem to be fuelled by similar vibes from Honest and Cool, with their anger backed up by the heavy weight of the percussion.

What this creates is a song that sounds massive. ‘Mission Impossible’ builds a bridge between BORG’s out material and what she should hopefully experiment with in the future. The verses are playful and the chorus is a big, dramatic moment that really helps the song stand out.

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