BORGS’ Honest and Cool

BORG in Swedish means fortress and after listening to Honest and Cool, it’s a fitting name. Her voice sounds like it’s coming straight from the bones and straight from the soul and this EP is essentially the pedestal that holds up this beautiful and unique voice. When asking her about her music process, BORG said “when I make music I can’t stop until I’m done. Its like a mania. I also love building things – with legos for example, and I think its the same thing. I walk around with melodies and other types of building blocks in my head all the time. They have to get out, or I’d be very anxious”. Her EP definitely reflects this mentality.

Although her EP is only four tracks, BORG doesn’t allow that to limit her. In its variety, you can hear that slight mania she mentions in her process. Nothing in this EP sounds like the other. Each song is a distinct, different tale from the sensitive part of BORG. In the journey she brings us on, we hear everything from what sounds like deep, rustic Gospel tones to modern day synth.

While each track brings something special to the overall message and tone of the EP, the outstanding track is “Scuba Diving”. According to BORG, this song “is very close to my heart. Its about putting the safety suit on, and plunging into the depths of time and space. About realizing that everything moves, everything changes and that nothing ever stays the same. And perhaps a bit about realizing that even though it scares the sh*t out of me, its okay…” This song embraces the anxieties of life, no matter how frightening or daunting. BORG herself says it in the song “it’s the nature of movement to move”.

Hearing BORG speak about her music only reinforces how personal all her music is. It really does sound like it’s coming from the bones, from deep within someone. Lasting four tracks, there really is no excuse but to check out the EP.

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