With her new EP State I’m In looming, Bryony Williams returns with new single ‘Dive’. Written after returning from a three-month adventure, ‘Dive’ focuses on the solemn feeling Bryony felt upon coming home, and the notion of saying goodbye to her old self.

‘Dive’ is a huge change of direction from the stomping march we heard on ‘I Can Be’. The instrumental is led by stark piano chords and rounded off by strings and slide guitar that quietly weep in the background. Bryony’s vocals are more subdued, shying away from the bravado of ‘Knockin’’ and instead offering an intimate insight into her mind. The quiet voice draws you in to the lyrics, making you hang on to each word. It’s a beautiful listen, one that I could dive into over and over again.

I was already excited to hear State I’m In prior to hearing ‘Dive’, but this new single only increases that excitement. It is easily Bryony’s most personal track yet, and it came as a surprise but left me wanting to hear more.

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