As sad as it sounds, being *yourself* is one of the scariest things you can do. Putting yourself out there and announcing your arrival is often seen as being a bastard, and celebrating your creativity? HOW DARE YOU. Bryony Williams deals with this with her new single ‘I Can Be’, a bold dive into the deep end that causes quite a splash.

Newly signed to Beth Shalom Records, the lead single from Bryony’s upcoming State I’m In EP is a statement-making tune. Fuzzy walls of guitar ring through the airwaves, backed up by drums that stamp the ground, ready to shout their arrival. I love the melodies that are intertwined with the layers of distorted noise, projecting a proper coming-of-age vibe that reverberates inside. Bryony’s vocals lead the way, exploring the scene at a pace that allows her lyrics to really detail her journey of self-discovery.

‘I Can Be’ is a song that hits on so many levels. The eruption of sound strikes the ears with an immediate fire, and the lyrics take their time to really embed themselves with the feels. It’s a great listen, and certainly makes me want to dive into the deep end, too.

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