Now, I’ve got nothing against the idea of changing sex and believe anybody who feels uncomfortable with themselves to the point of wanting to make the change should be encouraged to do so. HOWEVER, BUFFALO sex changes? I’m not so sure. Do we even know if Buffalos experience insecurities? Am I just an ignorant Human being? Who knows.

Buffalo Sex Change are set to release their second album Searching Hands towards the end of the month and the title track is the first taste of what to expect from it. If you like your ear candy to be sweet with jangly goodness and gooey structures then THIS IS THE SONG FOR YOU. ‘Searching Hands’ is a quick burst of scatty guitar riffs, 50’s-esque licks and a tempo that seems to roll faster than a speeding boulder down a hillside. It’s chaotic and a little bit everywhere, but I dig it.

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