‘Away From The Rousing Parades’ is the new single from singer-songwriter Callum Pitt. Callum melted my heart with his previous single ‘Rabbits’ in October last year, and has seemingly continued to build excitement since. Now with his fifth single, he looks set to add a bit of an uplifting, summery touch to his short, promising discography.

Kicking off with swooning acoustic diddies, ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’ looks to offer up a similarly sombre feeling that ‘Rabbits’ had, but chooses to head in the complete opposite direction. Callum’s vocals bring a surge of instruments together to form a glorious, anthemic chorus that soars higher than any previous single, and the result is a memorising, wonderful listen. Chugging guitars roll against the drums whilst Americana, sun-kissed melodies float amongst the layers, creating a sound that’s positively lovely.

Once again, Callum Pitt comes up strong with another good single. I’m hoping we get to hear more of a substantial release in the near future but for now I’m happy just listening to this tune. What a track.

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