Callum Pitt – ‘Fault Lines’ / New Single

After the beautiful success of ‘Out of the Trees‘ this year, Callum Pitt is back with bolder statements on his subsequent single, ‘Fault Lines’. Serving us with his signature indie-folk sound, Pitt did not hold back his sentiments on how the British Government has been polarizing its people by whipping up hatred and racism. A situation like this would certainly create fault lines in any person’s entire being.

He has been using his growing platform to educate and eradicate the ignorance caused by the divisive actions of the government and the right-wing press. Through his song, he stated that it’s the least that he could do. “Well I am so small and I can’t change too much at all, I’ve got no answers to these fractures, other than breaking these walls”.

‘Fault Lines’ unravels how power can be used to either bring people together or completely turn them against each other, dealing nearly irreparable damage to society. It’s rhythmic guitar strums, accompanied by crisp percussion and Pitt’s mesmerizing vocals, really gives the song the character it needs to deliver this must-know message to the people.

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