Callum Pitt – ‘Ghost’ / New Single

Callum Pitt returns with his new single ‘Ghost’. Detailing the journey of a loved one’s deterioration as they battled cancer, ‘Ghost’ is Callum’s most personal song to date. It plainly records the emotions felt at the time, but also acknowledges the power that comes with creating happy memories even amidst it all.

As heard on the likes of ‘Fault Lines’ and ‘Out of the Trees’, ‘Ghost’ features a lush instrumental that’s full of detail. Led by acoustic melodies that move with the vocals, the song also boasts percussion and keys that quickly envelop you in its melancholy world. The main highlight is the vocals, which sees Callum utilise falsetto to great effect. It has an innocence to it that makes it easier to cling on to, and lines such as “It hurts to watch you fade this way, I’m moving to acceptance day” to cut even deeper.

‘Ghost’ is a deeply emotional listen that not only brings you into Callum’s world but also makes you recall similar experiences too. It has this ability to make you empathise, while also dazzling with its sweet and sombre sound. It is a fantastic song, and another shining moment in what is a productive year for Callum Pitt.

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