Callum Pitt Continues to Make Nice Noises with New Single ¦ “Here If You Need”

With his new EP Poisoned Reveries out on June 14th via Kaleidoscope, Callum Pitt makes his annual appearance on the blog with new single “Here If You Need”. Callum was responsible for tearing at our heartstrings with “Away From the Rousing Parades” last year, and this new tune looks to extend an olive branch, offering to help us heal.

Piano chords dance alongside Callum’s vocals as “Here If You Need” sets off on it’s theme of dependency straight away, as subtle introductions of guitars appear to provide backup. This glistening instrumental only gets stronger as the chorus booms with soaring vocals, sweeping violins and drums join the fray to form a cohesive unit. Determined to bring the most uplifting sound to the ears.

“Here If You Need” is a fantastic song from Callum. He’s always been able to produce some of the most naturally forming instrumentals in the past, and this new single is no exception. Its organic growth signifies Callum’s own as an emerging artist, which we’re sure is only going to keep expanding. Callum can do no wrong in our eyes.  

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