Callum Pitt’s new single “L. Lane”

Callum Pitt is having one hell of a year. Having graced our ears already with the gorgeous Poisoned Reveries EP, the artist follows it up sooner than expected with “L. Lane”. The new single coincides with the announcement of Callum’s first ever UK tour, performing eight shows across the country.

“’L. Lane’ is primarily about waiting and feeling stuck. It revolves around a period in my life where my relationship had to be long distance, I wasn’t in an enjoyable job, and not much was happening musically. It explores the feelings of discontent, disconnect and resentment you feel towards the place you feel stuck in and how easily time can be wasted by not being present mentally.”

Continuing to showcase his down to earth quality, Callum remains one of the more relatable artists around as the new single details a period of his life that we’ve all experienced at one point in ours. Despite the feelings of tension and uneasiness that emit from the topics, “L. Lane” is a song that fills the atmosphere with a dazzling set of cymbals, pianos and guitars to create an instrumental that celebrates freedom. Unloading all of these emotions witnesses a dissipation of mood that makes way for another idyllic sound from Callum. “L. Lane” is, as always, another wonderful performance from Callum.

Listen to “L. Lane” below and check out Callum’s website for tour dates, as well as links to his socials.

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