Callum Pitt returns with new single ‘Out of the Trees’. Having delivered massively with the excellent Poisoned Reveries EP last year, it’s exciting to hear what Callum’s got up his sleeves for 2020. Can you even hear sleeves? Sure, why not. After reading about Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre, ‘Out of the Trees’ is a song that touches upon the bizarre reliability cult leaders possess. Rather dark and morbid, perfect for 2020.

With plucked guitar strings and soft falsetto, ‘Out of the Trees’ kicks off with some traditional Callum Pitt-isms, but the song soon heads off into its own direction. Possessing a previously unexplored energy, the song lets loose with thumping drums and guitars that really drives it onto another level. The addition of female vocals helps steep the song in emotion, pairing nicely with the vocals to create the vast ambition that’s to be expected with Callum’s songs. It certainly makes for a change of pace, and one that I hope is ventured further.

‘Out of the Trees’ is a great song and once again Callum delivers with another hit. Could he be a cult leader? Possibly. I’d join his cult.

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