Calum Jones returns with new single “Iona”. With two albums under his belt, this young musician has built quite the discography for himself already. This new single looks to kickstart a wave of momentum for the Scot however, as he’s begun to land on the radar of many people and publications across the country.

For a song about a brief romance at a festival, “Iona” is a very well-crafted tune. Layered with acoustic chords, electric melodies and dazzled with all sorts of percussion, this fast-paced narrative details a rush of emotions that comes with seeing somebody you definitely want right this second. Calum’s vocals project lyrics of all the features that caught his eye, pairing them with harmonies that maintain the frantic pace. It’s catchy, upbeat and certainly helps push the positive vibes Calum always strives to have with his work.

“Iona” is probably the best way to convert your feelings into something creative, and definitely the most coherent song to come out of a festival experience. There are no hints of five days of using wet wipes here. What a tune.

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