Not only is ‘Ellipsisism’ a very satisfying word to say, it’s also the lead single from Cannibal Animal’s new EP A Decline In Morality. The Hull quartet look to experiment with more complex rhythms and grooves and well, the result is something that could lead to some very complex shapes cut on the dancefloor.

This young band’s output so far has shown that they’re not afraid to get all up on your face and tell you you’re ugly, but at least ‘Ellipsisism’ has a couple grooves up it’s sleeves to let you down gently. The frantic guitars deliver all sorts of off-kilter riffs that seemingly appear and reappear as they please, while the vocals scream out so much passion it leaves me feeling like I need a cold shower afterwards.

‘Ellipsisism’ is a great song that leaves me excited to check out A Decline in Morality. It has a quality of spilling out of control which appeals to me greatly, and certainly leaves me in need of that shower.


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