Oh it’s these guys again! Cannibal Animal came into my life with the release of their confusingly-titled ‘Ellipsisism’ which still throws me off with it’s many isms to this day, and also dropped one of my favourite EPs of the year in A Decline In Morality. The EP is a thunderous display of Post-Punk goodness from a young band looking to make their mark and well, they’ve left marks all over me. Their new single from the EP is ‘Lack of Skin’, and while that sounds painful, it also sounds pretty good too.

‘Lack of Skin’ showcases Cannibal Animal’s ability to add a bit of groove to their sound, as it delivers a bassline that cuts through the hazy guitars to bring some danceable vibes to the mix. This is backed up by guitars that seem to bounce all over the walls, and collide wonderfully against the eternally tortured drums. It has a real sense of unease to it which builds a bit of tension, possibly resulting in some of the most awkward looking shapes I’ve ever cut on the dancefloor. It’s great.

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