Welcome to another interview! This time it’s with Caper Parade, who last year delivered possibly the funkiest listening experience imaginable in Never Too Much Love. The London trio brought back the best of the 70s with a collection of tracks that made modern music fun again, and allowed me to bust out the flares again. I’d just like to say thank you to Aksel from the band for taking the time to answer our questions. Take a little read of the chat below, which happened just after the release of the EP and make sure to support the band via their Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud pages. Enjoy!

Hey Caper Parade, how’s it going? Very good thanks! We just did the release of our new EP Never Too Much Love last week and had an amazing launch gig at a venue called Balabam in North London. On Saturday we’re heading to Spain for a one week tour. So yeah, exciting times…

What’s the story behind how the three of you came together to form Caper Parade? Me (Aksel) and Leo met a long time ago in Oslo, Norway when we were 16 and started playing together right away, and have been ever since. We met Tom at a music collage in London called LCCM where we all went. We basically started because we got offered to to a gig with me and Leo’s old band Isak’s Island, but decided to form a trio with Tom just for one gig. We really clicked and decided to do more…

You just released your new EP Never Too Much Love. Are you happy with how it’s turned out? Yeah we’re super happy with how it turned out. The EP sort of shows how we started to venture in to new genres and sounds, but still has a bit of our old 60’s retro kind of thing so it’s a mixed bag really, but that’s also one of the things we like about it.

It offers a different direction in sound for you guys compared to past material. Was it a conscious decision to shake things up or is this a natural progression for you? I think we’re just following our inspiration really and doing what we think is fun. Guess we got a bit tired of our old sound based on 60’s and 70’s pop/rock music just because we’ve been doing that since we first got in to music. Taking inspiration from different music have opened up for a lot of new ideas, and that feels very liberating cause it means we don’t really have any boundaries. I think we used to be very strict with ourselves when it comes to what’s “OK” to write and so on.

It’s an EP that embraces the guilty pleasure of Funk and Disco. Have you always wanted to bring those genres into modern times? We’ve all been into funk for a long time and we’ve always had that element in our music I think. The disco thing kind of started as a joke. “Take It Easy (I’m Only Dancing)” was the first song we wrote in that genre, and we just thought it was hilarious. I guess it was a bit of a guilty pleasure for us in the beginning but now it feels like natural way to go. There is quite a lot of disco around these days but maybe not so much in the 70’s style of Bee Gees where we’ve taken a lot of inspiration.

Do you find that it’s impossible to feel down when listening/performing this kind of music? It is definitely fun to play and I think having fun is an important aspect of our music. We want to have fun while playing and writing, and we also want the crowd to have fun. We’re using quite a lot of humour in the music and lyrics, and I think that’s one of the things that really defines us as a band. I guess there’s a danger of not being taken seriously because of the humour thing, but I think humour is a important part of life that also needs to be expressed, and we really do take the music seriously while having fun with it.

What’s next in store for Caper Parade? How will you celebrate the end of the year and the start of 2018? So we’re going on tour to Spain now to do six shows over there, then in the new year we’ll be doing more recording. We’ll be releasing a couple of singles in spring and we’ll also be working on a full length album. Hopefully we’ll be doing more touring as well.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Keep dancing and celebrating life! And Merry Christmas.

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