Capital Soirée – ‘Side of Town’ / New Single

Capital Soirée return with new single ‘Side of Town’. The Chicago trio released their debut EP Being Lonely earlier this year, and after summing up how we all felt during lockdown with that excellent title, they’re ready to move on to the next chapter of their careers. ‘Side of Town’ details the struggles of growing up, which is ramped up when you bring love and infatuation into the mix. I’m a proper sucker for infatuation and have often left various parts of my life behind in favour of love. Do I regret it? Nah. I’d do anything for pizza.

With such a relatable topic to it, ‘Side of Town’ is a song that should resonate with all. But if that’s not enough, the instrumental will definitely hook you in. A rhythm concocted by 80s-era synths attacks the hips from the get-go, backed up by a beat that is determined to get you dancing. Its old school vibe is injected with a flurry of melodies to keep it sounding refreshed, really driving into the ears. The lyrics showcase the desire to be around someone you’re obsessed with, sung coolly as they sink between the instruments.

‘Side of Town’ is a great song from Capital Soirée. It hits all the right notes and has a throwback sound while also bringing some new ideas to the mix, becoming a real earworm. Now excuse me, I’ve got someone to hang out with.

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