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Features of artists’ debut songs, EPs and albums.

LYRAS – ‘Don’t Keep Me Awake’ / Debut Single

‘Don’t Keep Me Awake’ is the debut single from newcomers LYRAS. The five-piece from Newcastle had all sorts planned for their first year in...

Pave The Jungle – The Hissing / Debut EP

Pave The Jungle have had my attention for most of the year. Thanks to a steady stream of releases throughout, in which all have...

Walt Disco – Young Hard and Handsome / Debut EP

Since the release of ‘Cut Your Hair’, I’ve been really looking forward to hearing Young Hard and Handsome, the debut EP from Glasgow sextet...

Rosie Shaw – Sometime Soon / Debut EP

Oxford-born singer-songwriter Rosie Shaw continues to master her delicate sound on her debut EP Sometime Soon, which is probably the best new release I’ve...

in earnest – in earnest / Debut EP

There's a lot of great music coming out of Essex at the moment. Home of perhaps the country's most exciting DIY label, Cool Thing...

Morning Arcade – ‘Cold Shoulders’ / Debut Single

The news has almost become white noise these days, hasn’t it? Everyday there’s something new to worry about, and with being so connected there’s...

Affair – Clouds / Debut EP

Eight years ago, Affair existed for just a moment, embracing a newfound love of analogue equipment that produced noise that captured the attention of...

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ALMA – ‘Can’t Swim?’ / New Single

With backgrounds in film scores and audio engineering, ALMA are a New York based dream pop trio creating music ‘cut with a dash of sass and a side of groove’. You certainly feel it in the runaway train agitation of their new single ‘Can’t Swim?’, created with multi-instrumentalist, artist...

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Me Lost Me – The Good Noise / New Album

Let’s look back to one of the greatest albums of 2020, The Good Noise by Me Lost Me.