Toby Charles – All My Words | EP Review

Toby Charles is a musician from Worcestershire and this is his latest EP All My Words. Do you ever wonder if you’re close to using up all the words you’re allowed to say in this world? Like, is there a limit onto how many words you could say? As a quiet dude, I have little to worry about in that respect. But Toby Charles has got himself a lot to say on this wonderfully delightful little EP.

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The Harringtons – Change is Gonna Come | Release of the Week

Change is Gonna Come is the debut EP from Sheffield’s The Harringtons. Having formed in 2014 at just the tender age of sixteen, this trio are set to join the ranks of the north’s greatest with a collection of tracks determined to make you enjoy the finer things in life. ‘Everybody Knows’ kicks off the EP with a sound that bounces around the eardrums with upbeat guitar riffs and sing-a-long harmonies that anyone could join in to. See what I mean? It’s hard not to kick off the EP with a smile on your face.

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Prism Tats – 11:11 | EP Review

Steeped in grooves, 11:11 is the new EP from South Africa’s Prism Tats. The project of Garrett van der Spek has been ramping up the productivity in recent times, having released debut album Prism Tats last year and now following up with this new EP.  I discovered Garrett’s music through Mytacism Music, a music blog that’s very nice, and also why you should check out smaller music blogs (though don’t tell Emily I said that).

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Howlie – Dead Dog EP + Interview | PREMIERE

After four tremendous days full of premieres and buzz, Howlie Week is coming to an end. What a week it’s been as a lot of excitement and love was shared over each of the four tracks we premiered from Howlie’s debut EP, Dead Dog. It’s brought new listeners to Howlie’s music and new audiences to the blog. I believe that is what we call a rallying success! There’s one last premiere to deliver, and that is the DEAD DOG EP IN IT’S ENTIRETY. You’ve been able to listen to each song from it separately, but now from today you get to listen to the whole thing and remain in its downtrodden, reverb-heavy atmosphere forever.

Check out Dead Dog EP below, and have a little read to the interview that Howlie and I had too. In this interview we talk about the new EP, Howlie’s influences, stylistic choices, regrets and the success of Howlie Week. Enjoy. (Note: it’s an extremely long interview, so you get to listen to the EP many times!)

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Empty Lungs – Don’t Get It | EP Review

Hidden Pony Records / Rating: Good

Empty Lungs haven’t had the nicest time as a band. Having lost band members, jobs and even had a near death experience it would seem the next thing to do would be to pack it all in, but the trio have decided to do something else: create the ‘Don’t Get It’ EP. It’s a big F you to all of the bad moments the band have had over the years, and one that’s potency fortunately leaks through into being rather inspirational for us listeners too.

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