An Interview With | The Glass Child

One of the best discoveries I’ve made through Sounds Good has got to be The Glass Child. The project of Charlotte Eriksson originally blew my mind with the release of “White Spaces” and then did the exact same with new song “Black Rose”, which was reviewed on Monday. It’s been a pleasure to hold an interview with her. In this interview we talk about “White Spaces”, her beginnings, her productivity and her plans for her new EP This Silence Now. Enjoy!

Hey The Glass Child, What’s the story behind how you became The Glass Child? Where did the name come from? The Glass Child has been with me since I was very young, although it has collected a lot of meaning along the way. It reflects the will to be seen, to reach out with my music, but still not wanting anyone to come close enough. The fear of rejection but still the will to get yourself out there.

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