Pink Muscles | An Interview With

Pink Muscles are a Seattle based band and this is our little chat with them. Their debut album The Signal is out on May 1st and considering how the planets have aligned we provided a platform to get them talking about it. You will read about the story of how Pink Muscles became Pink Muscles, the artwork to the album, and the description behind their quirky yet badass genre. Enjoy!

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An Interview With | The Glass Child

One of the best discoveries I’ve made through Sounds Good has got to be The Glass Child. The project of Charlotte Eriksson originally blew my mind with the release of “White Spaces” and then did the exact same with new song “Black Rose”, which was reviewed on Monday. It’s been a pleasure to hold an interview with her. In this interview we talk about “White Spaces”, her beginnings, her productivity and her plans for her new EP This Silence Now. Enjoy!

Hey The Glass Child, What’s the story behind how you became The Glass Child? Where did the name come from? The Glass Child has been with me since I was very young, although it has collected a lot of meaning along the way. It reflects the will to be seen, to reach out with my music, but still not wanting anyone to come close enough. The fear of rejection but still the will to get yourself out there.

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An Interview With | Church of Trees

Church of Trees burst onto the airwaves last month with the release of their new EP Primitive Creatures and certainly left a lasting impression on me. I especially enjoyed the fluidity of the tracklisting, which allowed the record to meander through an array of different genres while generally maintaining an entertaining sound throughout. With a new found fan made out of me, you have no idea how excited I am to have interviewed the band! Below we talk about Primitive Creatures, the band’s formation, David Bowie and plans for the following year or so. Enjoy.

Hey Church Of Trees, how’s it going?
Bernard: Hey Adam! It’s going very well! This is a great time for Church of Trees! We’re very excited about our new EP Primitive Creatures!

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An Interview With | Cavalcade

Welcome to another interview! This time around we sat and had a little chinwag with Cavalcade, a band who recently entered the world of music and introduced themselves nicely with their Cavalcade EP. In what’s possibly our favourite interview yet, we chat with the lads about how they’re finding being in a band, their EP, their aspirations. The closing answer is possibly my favourite thing in the entire world. Enjoy! P.S: Cheers for the picture of the hog lads, made my entire year seeing that lurking at the bottom!

Hey Cavalcade, how’s it going? Jack: All good Adam! Thanks for having us.
Tom: All good Adam mate!

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An Interview With | The Lunar Year

Two weeks ago we featured ‘Porcelain’, the debut single from Philadelphia’s The Lunar Year. We absolutely adored how fragile and beautiful the track was, and somewhat enjoyed how heartbroken it left us. The band received a lot of buzz off the back of it, and we’re very pleased to have held an interview with them! I’m personally hoping to hear more from these guys again soon, and to work with them in the future once more. Take a little time out of your day to read our exclusive interview with The Lunar Year, and enjoy. P.S: How cool is that bio suggestion?

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