St. Vincent – MASSEDUCTION | Release of the Week

St. Vincent has been steadily honing her craft over the last few years, going from an aspiring modern-day guitar god into a being who likes to dip their toes into the strange. Her new album is called MASSEDUCTION and she’s ditched the wild platinum locks for a Doctor Foster-esque bob and even gotten her bottom out for the album artwork too. Cheeky.

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Me Not You – “These Streets” | Release of the Week

The reason why I’ve featured this track – that intro. Good lord. “These Streets” hits hard with it’s muddy, drwling guitars and pummeling industrial drums to deliver something that clocks you in the jaw but leaves a little swing in your hips too. Kind of like a moshpit at a Funk festival – it’s confusing, it’s mildly intimidating, but hey, it sounds great.

It’s full of catchy riffs and hooks, and the vocals croon their way through the heavy tones to add a little sweetness to your day. This is a taste of what to expect from their debut EP Reckoning, which is out now.

Beach For Tiger – “Something Good” | Release of the Week

Some tracks have the ability to drag you right into their world, and this is one of them. Beach For Tiger’s “Something Good” takes us on a psychedelic journey into the unknown – it’s full of wishy washy guitars which seem to bleed and flow into the airwaves endlessly while the drums seem to be the only solid constant throughout. It’s certainly something good indeed.