The Lunar Year – Herodias | Release of the Week

I’ve discovered some great bands through Sounds Good and one of the very best has got to be The Lunar Year. Since stumbling across their debut single ‘Porcelain’ on a Youtube video and receiving a submission email from them I’ve been hooked. They’ve continued to astound with the likes of ‘Porcelain’ and last single ‘Backyard Deck’ and now they’re ready to unleash their debut album Herodias.

The singles provided a wide scope of sound which The Lunar Year explored wonderfully. The piano-driven ballad ‘Porcelain’ produced a cold, stark atmosphere which was thankfully warmed by the addition of instruments on the folk-collaborative project that is ‘Backyard Deck’. These two tracks showed that The Lunar Year are talented individuals who actively look to stretch their sound as vast as possible to achieve different results, which is why I’m particularly stoked to check out Herodias.

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