David Harks – ‘Avalon’ | Single Review

David Harks has quietly built up a reputation over the years. Whether it’s through producing solid material with his band Safetalk, his sporadic solo releases on labels such as  Sunday Best, Kitsune and Eskimo Recordings or even just being bigged up by the likes of Neon Gold, Thump and DIY, this dude is seemingly killing it from beneath the radar.

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Sutrobath – “Little Things” | Single Review

Sometimes in life there are times where you feel down about the pathway you’re taking. Whether it’s from a lack of reward in your hard work or just a general questioning of your abilities, we as humans always seem to enjoy picking ourselves apart. When that happens, it’s best to allow yourself to take a step back and look back at what you’ve created so far and realise that hey, you did that. You and your pretty little head thought up all of the ideas that make who you are today, and that’s awesome.

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Cosmos & Creature – “Ride the Wave” | Single Review

There’s something satisfying about discovering a band in the midst of starting out and getting recognised. It’s almost like you can take pride in knowing about them before things become REALLY hectic – kind of like enjoying a cup of tea during the calm before the storm. Cosmos & Creature are a duo who’s bound to cause a few storms in the coming months having already clocked a couple million streams over a handful of singles, and look set to really ramp things up with new single “Ride the Wave”.

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