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The Green Brothers – ‘Something to Lose’ | Single Review

The Green Brothers is a three piece from my local end of Essex and this is their debut single ‘Something To Lose’. I proper enjoy discovering new bands in their infancy – it’s kind of like hanging out at a hospital, popping some headphones on, going up to newborns and going HEY, PLAY SOME MUSIC.… Continue reading The Green Brothers – ‘Something to Lose’ | Single Review

Single Review

JESUS CMPLXX – ‘Suvi’ | Single Review

‘Suvi’ is the debut single from JESUS CMPLXX. After a decade of working at Sony Music Canada and rubbing shoulders with the likes of John Legend and Beyoncé, this project is all about regaining a passion for music that might have been lost in a corporate setting. It’s almost like if I quit my job… Continue reading JESUS CMPLXX – ‘Suvi’ | Single Review

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Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – ‘Neighbourhood Cats’ | Song of the Week

You know, a lot of bands have been featured on Sounds Good whom I’ve become good friends with, or attribute a certain piece of history or time with. Whether or not that makes me a universal groupie, I don’t know. But there’s one particular band I share a connection with that’s lasted throughout the entire… Continue reading Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – ‘Neighbourhood Cats’ | Song of the Week

Single Review

Modern Leisure – ‘Girls In Black’ | Single Review

‘Girls In Black’ is the new single from Modern Leisure and it’s also the second single to come from the upcoming Super Sad Rom-Com, also known as Modern Leisure’s debut album which is out on June 29th via Guilty Pleasure Records. I’m quite partial to a Rom-Com, you know. My favourite would probably be Crazy… Continue reading Modern Leisure – ‘Girls In Black’ | Single Review

Single Review

V A L E – ‘Better Place’ | *PREMIERE*

At the start of the year, indie-pop duo V A L E introduced themselves to the world with ‘Fire’, a dazzling debut single that we had the pleasure of premiering. Now they return with new single ‘Better Place’ and once again, we have the pleasure of bringing that to your ears too! Now that it’s… Continue reading V A L E – ‘Better Place’ | *PREMIERE*

Single Review

Betty Moon – ‘Parachute’ | Single Review

‘Parachute’ is the new single from Betty Moon, and is the latest single to come from her EIGHTH studio album Chrome. EIGHT albums? Goodness me. That is serious talent to still create music that even lures me in this far into a career. Nice work Betty. With a nice combination of Rock and Funk, ‘Parachute’… Continue reading Betty Moon – ‘Parachute’ | Single Review