Small Skies – ‘Faces’ | Song of the Week

Small Skies are a band from Portland and this is their new single ‘Faces’. The world has seen a bit of a boon period for the sci-fi and horror genres this year and it seems this might be the perfect soundtrack for it. Could you imagine Pennywise jamming to this while he’s chilling in the drain? Would the upside down become a massive rave if this song was played throughout Stranger Things? Who knows, but I do know this – this song is great.

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Carl North & The Lonely Hearts – “Off Guard” | Song of the Week

Hot damn, HOTTTT DAMNNN am I excited to talk about this track today. “Off Guard” is the new single from Carl North & The Lonely Hearts and boy does it catch you off guard. The five piece from Manchester are set to release an official debut single (“Worst of You”) soon and have offered “Off Guard” as a taste of what to expect. So if you’re in the mood for a bowl of hip swinging, bone shaking rock n roll then…let’s have seconds.

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Nick Dean – “How Did We?” | Song of the Week

Nick Dean’s “How Did We?” features all of the fingersnaps, handclaps and dancey vibes to appeal to me in a huge way. It is full of immense vocals from Nick – with all sorts of highs and lows and falsettos that sink into the fee and that chorus. Ohhh lord, what a chorus it is. It’s metallic beat strikes with a thunderous display of dancefloor fodder, and it makes for some groovy off-kilter dancing. Hot damn, what a tune.

Sure Sure – “Koreatown” | Song of the Week

You know, I’ve never been to a Koreatown, or a Chinatown, or a Huddersfield Town. Heck, I’m not even sure I’ve ever been to a Town before. That sucks. Sure Sure’s “Koreatown” however sounds like the happiest place to be. With sprightly pianos laying down a cute little groove throughout, it’s a track that immediately sinks into your mind and builds a little nest with it’s fuzzy guitars. It’s beautiful.