Irascible Fuck Brigade – Slash the Fucking Seats | Song of the Week

With a name like Irascible Fuck Brigade, a song named ‘Slash the Fucking Seats’ and a description of their sound as “Don’t go genre, but it’s loud and relentless and probably some kind of rock”, you could imagine that I was pretty intrigued by these guys. ‘Slash the Fucking Seats’ is the latest single to come from this wonderfully named band, and it certainly hits a number of spots.

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Queens of the Stone Age – The Evil Has Landed | Song of the Week

Oh goodness me. Last week I arrived home from work to the greatest of news from Reddit – QOTSA’s upcoming new album, Villains, has leaked. This was arguably the Wedding Day of news for me, as QOTSA have been my favourite band since 2007. My love for them hit a new level in 2013 as personal demons collided with Josh Homme’s demons on …Like Clockwork and formed a special connection that helped me recover and come out with a QOTSA-branded left forearm. Right now comes the release of “The Evil Has Landed”, the second single from the upcoming Villains and a solid reminder to not check out the leaked version of the album.

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The Modern Strangers – Coco Hello | Song of the Week

The Modern Strangers are a very, very new band and this is their new single “Coco Hello”. The brotherly duo have begun to make a name for themselves with a slew of solid releases over the past year and now this new track has embedded itself into my brain. If you’re in the mood for something groovy – which really should be all the time – then this is a band you should get into.

RIDDLED with funk, ‘Coco Hello’ is a track determined to get the hips shaking. It’s rhythm section is deeprooted in a heavily rigid groove, while guitars and synths add a touch of psychedelic goodness to the mix to ramp up for the feel good factor. It’s a tremendous, thunderous little hit and one that will surely add a spring or two to your step.

Corella – Barcelona Girl | Song of the Week

There’s something about new indie bands that brings a refreshing sound to your library. Corella are a four piece from Manchester and this is their new song ‘Barcelona Girl.’ I’ve never been to Spain or had a holiday romance before, but this emerging band have produced a sound that allows anybody to become infected in this taste of love in the sunshine. Now if they were to release ‘Essex Girl’ or ‘Met at Work Girl’, then we’d be talking.

Complete with hooks, riffs and melodies ‘Barcelona Girl’ features all the tools necessary to become a hit for the summer. Corella lay down a steady arsenal of catchy instruments to pack this track with drums that aim straight for the hips, guitars that grab hold of the sun and a chorus that immediately sticks to mind. It makes for some good listening, and adds a little spark of youthful enthusiasm to the eardrums.

Howlie – ‘Reasons to Live’ | Song of the Week

My favourite little butterbean is back! American singer-songwriter Howlie returns with a brand new song titled ‘Reasons To Live’. From the title alone it suggests that perhaps optimism and happiness is something that exists in Howlie’s world now, and as said in the interview with Howlie it seems to mark a new chapter in his music too.

This new chapter begins with a sweet little D chord which immediately floods the airwaves with sunshine, before extending into a riff that would sound perfect inside a certain Weezer cover band. Howlie’s traditionally haunting vocals swoon into the mix, fading in and out to deliver rather touching lyrics like “I can’t believe how fast life flies when I don’t always hate myself”. It’s a nice contrast of talking about depression without feeling totally enveloped in it, which is helped by the instrumental’s uplifting tone.

‘Reasons to Live’ is an absolutely lovely song. Howlie has shifted his lyrical tone to introduce happier topics, which also ties in with the inclusion of melodies and harmonies which go down absolutely well. It’s a nice song that shows the power somebody can feel when they’re in love, and how much it can help make the world a happier place to live in.

Parcels – ‘Overnight’ | Song of the Week

Parcels have been steadily stomping the ground over the last year or so, but now it seems they might’ve struck gold. ‘Overnight’ is the latest single to come from these up-and-comers, and with the help of Daft Punk, it’s sure to be the sound of the summer.

With the sketchy guitars and moody atmosphere plucked straight from the comedown of ‘Get Lucky’, Parcels take these tools of success to craft a song that adds a needed touch of sunshine to the night sky. Smooth, silky riffs create an instrumental that bubbles and boils over with sharp breaths, and the soft vocals seem to push it onto hot skin. It’s a song designed to keep the feel good vibes going, and adds a particularly sexy undertone to it too.

‘Overnight’ is a song that should appear on numerous Summer playlists, and should be celebrated as one of the songs of the year. It’s simple in execution, but wraps up the airwaves in a way that tantalises the eardrums. Parcels are surely going to be a hit, but that was always going to be inevitable.