Celebrate love with Dayo Bello’s “Wait For You”

If there’s one artist we’re excited to hear more from this year, it’s Dayo Bello. The songwriter from London has dropped his new single “Wait For You” and it is a loved up expression of happiness that’s hard to not smile to.

Speaking of the new single, Dayo says “Wait For You is when the pure joy of a relationship gets a wake-up call from the reality of life around them.  The constraints of long distance relationships are one of the worst to deal with, but even with all its twists and turns that aren’t ideal, you can actually push through and keep the relationship going. This song is for that moment”

The intimacy that comes from hearing Dayo’s voice and sole guitar helps push this point further. There’s simply nothing about this track except for Dayo at his rawest, pouring out emotion that comes with the rush of being in love and the pain of the increasing distance it brings. The guitar work is sublime, blending together elements of Soul and Jazz together to create something endlessly romantic, and Dayo’s vocals are just…wow. Basically.

“Wait For You” is a beautiful track and one that highlights exactly why Dayo Bello is going to be a big deal. We’d heavily suggest that you get on board before the masses do.

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