Chandler Juliet comes alive with new single | ‘tidal wave’

Hot off the heels of ‘burning sage’ comes ‘tidal wave’, the new single from Chandler Juliet. The former caused quite the stir in the atmosphere, having landed features on numerous playlists, including our own Good Sounds Playlist. This new single however looks to offer a much more cooled effect on the ears though, illustrating the water section of Juliet’s upcoming elements EP, which is out next year.

With regards to the new single, Chandler Juliet had this to say: “I wrote ‘tidal wave’ a month or so after I graduated college, where I really felt my adolescence was officially gone, and I felt more alone than ever. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and while it’s a huge blessing to have been raised here in the entertainment industry, it can be very isolating and lonely in this career-driven town. Everyone has to go through the different waves of life, both the ups AND the downs. Everything is temporary, and through writing this song I discovered that I have to learn to ride the wave that I’m on, because nothing lasts forever.”

This feeling of isolation in a moment of realisation definitely comes across. A real intimate feel is given thanks to the instrumental, which offers soulful guitars and slight percussion, really allowing tons of space for the vocals to lead the way. The lyrics shine wonderfully with the theme of water projected throughout, really boosting the inspiration behind the track and the result is a listen that makes you feel exactly what Juliet was feeling at the time of writing it.

‘tidal wave’ is a great track from Chandler Juliet and one that makes me excited to hear what the remaining elements have to offer on the elements EP. Personally, I’m hoping for an Earth, Wind & Fire medley.

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