Chloe Lilac’s wonderful debut EP | Manic Pixie Dream

After dazzling with “Summer” comes Manic Pixie Dream, the debut EP from Chloe Lilac. The Brooklyn artist has had one hell of a year, securing a much-deserved spot as one to watch, with the EP the result of a huge journey of self-discovery for Chloe. Following the likes of UPSAHL, Angie McMahon and Tallsaint, Chloe’s the latest female artist to deliver something great to our ears.

While the opening track revelled in its crunch, “Manic Pixie Dream” offers a subtle approach as pianos lead the way in bringing something softer to the mix. Chloe’s vocals offer grounded lyrics as synthesisers slowly creep their way into the mix, culminating in a chorus that bursts with colour and heartstrung hooks. The balladry is pushed further as the humorous “Jesus Couldn’t Love Me” pairs the Holy One with imagery of going out every Friday night and taking hits. Sounds like a cool dude.

Manic Pixie Dream is a superb EP from Chloe Lilac. Despite being a debut, it’s a record that displays a lot of maturity. Chloe’s songwriting combines numerous genres together to deliver heartfelt ballads (Stolen Liquor) as well as tongue in cheek youthful exuberance (Again), providing something for everybody.

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