Chloe Mogg / New Single – “Judgement Day”

Chloe Mogg is perhaps known for running the excellent MoggBlog, but she’s also a budding musician too. Today we’re checking out her new song “Judgement Day”, which sees Chloe flex her skills in a different side of music. It’s nice to see people express other talents. Outside of writing, I like to pick spots on my head way too early. 

“Judgement Day” is a song that immediately commands attention. Steeped in ethereal synthesisers, the song creates an atmosphere that’s filled with life. A rigid beat provides a strong foundation for swirling guitars that dissipate into the air, and bass notes that cut through the haze to provide some texture. The main focus is the vocals, which surround the instrumental and drive it towards its larger than life sound. It’s great, and certainly proves that Chloe knows her stuff when it comes to music.

Listen to “Judgement Day” below and check out Chloe Mogg on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

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