I proper love hearing debuts, especially when they’re great. ‘I Wouldn’t Know’ is the debut from Hollywood’s Civic In The Sun and it IS great. There seems to be a bit of resurgence in guitar-heavy music in recent times and these guys look to join the good fight against that shitty stuff going on in the mainstream right now. Except for The Greatest Showman soundtrack, that is good stuff.

With soaring guitar riffs and even more ambitious harmonies, ‘I Wouldn’t Know’ introduces the world to a band determined to make an impact from the get go. This five piece take all of the classic elements of rock and roll and throw all sorts of little diddies and licks into the mix to add a real youthful vibe to it, and it works so well. The song is hard hitting and awesome, and that guitar solo – good lord. Very excited to hear more from these guys!

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