‘Drugz’ is the new single from Clones of Clones, an outfit who have also just released their new album All The Things We Dreamed. I’ve recently just finished reading George Orwell’s 1984, and have been on a trip to Amsterdam this year, so all of this ties in so nicely that it’s giving me the heebies jeebies a little.

As expected from the title, ‘Drugz’ is a track that moves as its own pace. A short, snappy drum beat lays down a comforting foundation for guitars to lay their head and vocals to drawl all over, producing an intro that becomes a good representation of the calm before the storm of drugs. It’s peaceful, it’s silence, and then it all kicks in.

Synthesisers lay down a beat that comes in and out of focus, while additional bleeps and boops seem to circulate the mind which is capped off nicely by the chorus, which is simply a big long drawl of “druuggggzzzzzzzzz” to really kick this trip into high gear. I had a similar experience where I had taken some of the Devil’s lettuce and suddenly everything turned to water. It was awesome, and this song? It’s also awesome. Hurray for ‘Drugz’!

Clones of Clones – Drugz (Official) from Clones of Clones on Vimeo.


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