Time has lost all meaning this year, hasn’t it? With the government throwing more u-turns than Michael Scott’s vasectomies, there’s no point gaging anything by months and hours anymore. It all ends up the same. I’ve found it useful to highlight parts of the year by certain albums. The latest highlight comes from Brighton’s Clt Drp, who’s debut album Without the Eyes kicks up enough noise to certainly be memorable. Snip snap! Snip snap!

Backed with a desire to trick people into believing they’re listening to electronic music; the trio deliver a record that is packed with fury. Direct, politically charged lyrics attack the societal norms through fuzzy, guttural instrumentals that are equally catchy as they are crushing. It is a fantastic album full of original ideas that rip apart the eardrums and leaves you for dead.

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing the band to discuss Without the Eyes, the confusion surrounding their name as well as their ideas whilst creating the record. Thank you to Scott for the honour!

Hey Clt Drp, how’s it going? Scott: We’re actually pretty good right now. Our album is officially out and we’re getting some really lovely feedback!

How much confusion have you experienced over the name? So yeah, as we decided early on to take out the “eyes”, not everyone gets it as CLIT DRIP straight away. You get clit drop or clot drop or control drop or something else, but that’s ok cos we’ve cleared all that up with the intro on our album!

You’ve recently released your debut album Without the Eyes. What can you tell us about it? You’re basically getting the product of what the 3 of us have been working so hard on for the last 3 years. The vision has always been to have the sound merge between electro and experimental heavy punk. Annie’s lyrics and delivery are politically honest and angry about all sorts of issues—it all just kinda came together. Hopefully the record will make you have a ponder and a wee nod of ya head.

It was originally set to be released in May. How has the delay affected your plans for this year? So obviously we don’t have any tours or gigs of any sort, which has been a huge shame. We decided to release 2 extra singles off of our album and push back the release till August, which I think was a good move—it allowed us to get a bit more radio play and a little more exposure before release. Daphne comes back from Greece very soon and then we’ll be starting to write our second album!

The record’s got a great sound to it that’s as catchy as it is abrasive. In your Dork interview, you mention wanting to “trick” people into believing you were an Electronic act. Was it fun trying to replicate those Electronic sounds through drums and guitars? 100%—I’ve always been more excited and inspired when my guitar starts to take on the role of a synth. Our producer Joe Caple had some mad approaches with how he would mic up the drums and he didn’t hold back on effecting Annie’s vocal in certain sections too. Also using dance/electro vocabulary with our playing was a big thing for us to try and achieve that, too… hopefully we did.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? BLACK LIVES STILL MATTER

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