Something that’s become very apparent to us is that Newcastle’s got a killer music scene. We featured numerous artists from the North East over the last year, and it’s looking to be the case again this year. Club Paradise are the latest to be featured as their latest single “Sugar” offers yet another reason why perhaps we should up sticks and move to Tyneside.

Much like their debut “Brother”, Club Paradise burst onto the scene with “Sugar”. Its subdued, sun-kissed intro explodes with equally sunny guitars, as fuzzy basslines combine with disco-tinged drums to lay down a foundation that’s perfect for the dancefloor, which the band use to cut serious shapes upon to surround the airwaves with Indie goodness. “Sugar” has everything you could want from a feel good hit: Good vibes, good grooves, good harmonies and even a touch of Daft Punk voice to really get you going. Alreet pet?

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