Color Collage are a band from Brooklyn and this is their new single “What a Time to Be Alive”. It pokes fun at this century’s obsession with social media, and how technology has procured a lifestyle that pits us individuals closer than ever, but further apart. Life often involves the family but we’re all staring at our phones, creating an image of ourselves that suggests we’re social, outgoing and not afraid to interact. There is nothing more important that ignoring your family in favour of maintaining that top notch social media image, baby.

With lyricism detailing social media, technology and death, it only makes sense for the instrumental of “What a Time to Be Alive” to be one of the most upbeat I’ve heard in a while. Bright guitar chords skip between wandering basslines and drums to create an idyllic canvas for holier-than-thou harmonies to make their contribution. The use of group vocals to emphasise certain parts of the song and contend with the lead vocal is very nicely done, further extending the urge to join in with this sermon of sound.

“What a Time to Be Alive” is a delightful listen, and one that would indeed make for the perfect funeral song. The sunny instrumental paired with the downtrodden lyricism makes a contrast that confuddles the mind but makes me happy anyway.

Listen to “What a Time to Be Alive” below, and check out Color Collage on Facebook and Twitter.

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