Colours of One keep on chugging with new single ¦ “Eden”

Colours of One are back with their new single “Eden”. The South Whales band set off the momentum train with previous single “We Take Care of Our Own” and look to continue chugging away with this upbeat collision of guitars. Choo choo! All aboard!

Much like their last single, “Eden” is one that drives forward into good times with a direct set of guitar riffs. Thunderous drums crash away in the background and the vocals soar beyond the instrumental, delivering all sorts of moments for any listener to chime in with an equally compelling roar of emotion. The airwaves are swelled with a straight forward attack of optimistic noise that you cannot help but feel good about. “Eden” is a tune. Colours of One smash it with another idyllic number and one that makes us wish for more.

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