Here at Sounds Good | a music blog we rely heavily on submissions in order to keep up writing about new music, so if you’re somebody who’s just released their new single/EP/album and wish to get it heard then please keep reading.

If you’re an Artist/Record Label/PR company interested in sending over some music then make sure to submit to and say hello to Adam, the creator of the blog (Hello!). The ideal submission would start off with correctly saying my name, contain a host of links to stream/download said music and also a little bio let me know what’s going on. I also accept flattery and bribes.

One thing to note, if your music does up featured on the blog then please do share it as much as you can. It’s the worst thing spending the time to write about a particular piece when it receives little to no attention, especially from the source of the submission. If you want to maintain a nice relationship between myself and yourself then please show some respect and show some love as I have done for your music.