Here at Sounds Good we rely heavily on submissions in order to keep writing about the latest music, and essentially need them in order to keep going. If you’re a band or artist who’s recently released/just about to release some music then come say hello. Send all of your submissions to or alternatively look out for Sounds Good on SubmitHub. The blog was very recently invited to join the platform, which was very exciting. Whichever option you choose, please make sure to say hello to me (Adam, hi!) and maybe say one or two nice words. I accept flattery and/or bribes.

One thing to note – please make sure to keep all information correct when sending a submission. The worst thing about being a music blogger is how often emails are sent with the wrong name included, or how many are sent without any hint of conversation included. I get that you probably send a billion of these emails every week, but it’s a two way street. I’m not going to invest effort in your music if you cannot get my name right, for example.

Please be patient when it comes to emails too. Sadly Sounds Good is just a hobby for the moment so I’m a very busy man each week. I will try to respond to all emails ASAP but sometimes that’s not possible, so please don’t take offence. You will probably have better luck on my Twitter page, where I can easily send you a quick response during work hours (don’t tell my boss) – @soundsgoodblg