Cry Baby / New Single – ‘1991’

There’ve been two releases that I’ve been dying to talk about for a while now. Last week I was able to finally let loose with NZCA Lines’ new album, and today I can let the fangirl out for Cry Baby’s new single ‘1991’. With a serious love of boybands and slow jams, Cry Baby have brought back the good vibes of the 90s and firmly left the frosted tips behind.

‘1991’ is a major throwback to a sound that cared about little else than simply having a good time. The instrumental is laced with a bassline that does not quit, paired with record scratches and backing vocals that sound ready to take the stage at Top of the Pops. I love the revolving door of vocals that switch from effortless RnB choruses to straight up MC. But as much as this is a nostalgia trip, Cry Baby have also done a great job at making this trip head for a modern destination.

This is one of the most fun listens I’ve had in a long while. ‘1991’ is going to be repeated many times, and Cry Baby are going to become my new obsession for the next few months. What a tune.

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