Cures and Curses is the project of London-born Aaron Akpojaro and this is his new single “No Fun”. Having released a handful of singles since 2017, it seems 2020 may be the year C&C takes control of our ears properly.

Taking elements of Rock, Pop and Electronic, “No Fun” is a song that combines these genres together to create a listen that’s big on originality, and big on variation. I really dig the way that Aaron executes the mix of half-sung/half-rapped vocals, which directs the track to ramp up the percussion or the guitars. The chorus is a booming collision of heavy guitars, swelling bass and soaring vocals, which snaps back into the verses effortlessly.

“No Fun” is a great song from Cures and Curses. It offers something different while sticking to the traditional foundations of Rock and Pop, creating a sound that stands out while also remaining familiar too.

Listen to “No Fun” below and check out Cures and Curses on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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