Dallas’ “Superpowers” and much more

Dallas is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario and honestly her music is a modern girl’s dream come true. If you don’t want to be “that girl” who listens to pop top 40 music (which, there is nothing wrong with, we’re not here to music shame, it’s all good) Dallas is an amazing artist to listen to if you want the upbeat nature of top 40 combined with roots of R&B. It’s really the best of both worlds.

Her song “Superpowers“, not only has an incredibly cool music video in a house and outfit I am incredibly jealous of, is also quite the power anthem. It’s as if Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” met R&B creating this super interesting blending of sound. With lyrics like “don’t act like you know me, you don’t know the first thing about me and that makes you sick and it’s not even noon”, it’s clear Dallas is coming out of the gate swinging and I, personally, love to see that in female artists. It’s refreshing to see young female singer/songwriters putting out music this powerful in such an unashamed way.

Dallas studied Musical Theatre in NYC and as someone who also studied theatre, it’s clear to see it in her music and music videos with their flair for dramatics in such an out and proud way. In today’s age, it is easy to dismiss pop songs (especially by women) for their “lack of substance”, but her music has soul to it. It gives the essence of hanging out with friends, listening to music to hype yourself up for the night you’re about to have, where you’ll take nothing from anyone and have a blast. That’s something to value. Dallas herself has said “if I’m putting my heart and soul into all of these songs I’m releasing, I know each of them will touch someone out there”.

Personally, I think it’s clear to see that in the music she puts out. Not everything is a powerful anthem, she has these mellow and dreamy songs like “17” and “I Don’t Really Love You Anymore”. Her music branches across so many genres and she is so unabashed in what she puts out there. She puts her heart out on her sleeve and takes risks with her sound and I think that’s a remarkable and scary thing to do in the music industry.

I definitely recommend checking out more of her music, she has an astrology series called “Signs” (waiting on Aries). If you want versatility and a refreshing type of sound, this is the artist to keep an eye on.

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