Dante Rapper has seemingly appeared from nowhere to drop three singles over the last year to generate quite the buzz. “Killing Games” is the rapper’s latest and it seems to be the single that confirms that this dude means business. Having already sold out the Scala venue in London, it might be time to check out this dude.

With a feature from Mishaal, “Killing Games” is a song that blends genres together to create a sound that appeals to the masses. The stark strums of the acoustic guitar flood the airwaves with emotion, perfect for Dante Rapper to drop the seriously moody “KILL MY SOUL” chorus vocal. It’s simple but powerful all at once, and Dante’s delivery meanders amongst the layers wonderfully. “Killing Games” is a powerful listen and one that turn fans of Lo-Fi, Indie towards a new style of sound which Dante seems to be taking the reins of firmly.

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