‘Procrasturbator’ is the new single from DARMA, also known as the act of “putting off work and masturbates instead”. Thanks Urban Dictionary. This is only the second single in this promising trio’s career, and is another taste of what to expect from their upcoming Gloom EP, out this Friday!

Straight up, this song is a jam. DARMA are hailed for their energetic performances and it definitely translates well here. The trio lay down all manner of guitar riffs determined to knock your socks off, and then the drums come along and laugh in your face about your now de-socked feet. Gutted, but at least they do it in a way that gets you amped up with glorious garage rock or ‘loudquietheavypop’, as they say.

The last thing you’re gonna want to do is procrasturbate after listening to this song. ‘Procrasturbator’ is a proper banger of a track, and DARMA have certainly caught me with my trousers down here.


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