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Last week we featured ‘Procrasturbator’, the new single from trio DARMA. For a song about putting things aside in order to bash one off it certainly had a lot of urgency to it, and after hearing their debut EP Gloom, I had the urgency to feature it ASAP. Thank god for No Nut November, am I right?

Gloom gets off to a good start with ‘Miasma’. This track holds nothing back as it opens up the EP with a thunderous display of riffage alongside some passionate vocals to get the first impressions out the way. It’s a riff I could listen to all day, but DARMA also deliver some other mighty fine riffs too.

‘Hey, You’ struts its way through the eardrums before erupting into another ferocious display of guitars which utilises some harmonies that really helps the chorus pop, and the harmonies don’t stop as they dominate the vibe of ‘Interlude’ which adds a calmness to the EP. This is then ended on a high note as ‘You’re Always Right’ brings things to a close with a Flange-heavy guitar riff that reminds us once again of DARMA’s talent.

Gloom is a superb EP from DARMA. Despite it’s conciseness it offers up a lot of variety that really gives it a lasting impression. I’m digging the blend of heavy guitars and melodic harmonies throughout, and by the end of it I completely forgot that they had written a song about masturbating. Immense.

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