Ever feel like you’re missing something? It’s an odd feeling to describe. You go through life like normal, yet there’s a part of you that doesn’t feel completely fulfilled. It’s not hunger; it’s not sleep, sadness, even anger. It’s…something. Well, today I discovered what that is and turns out it’s Dead Naked Hippies. Who knew?

This trio have dropped a new single in ‘Rare’ and it’s all about being proper mad about corporations taking the mickey with their advertisements, illustrating a reality that stifles our own. You know what I say to that? Fuck yeah dudes. The track boasts one absolute stonking riff that rips through the airwaves like nobody’s business, and caves my head in with it’s sheer fearless energy.

Dead Naked Hippies turn this riff-oriented number into a jam that tears through every obstacle with reckless abandon. I love the groove behind the guitars and the drums, and the female vocals lead the way in delivery some raw, passionate emotion into the performance. ‘Rare’ is a banger of a track, and I want more of it.


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