Dead Pony are back with new single ’23, Never Me’. With their brand of to-the-wall Post Punk, they’ve been treating the ears to some serious noise this year. ‘Everything is Easy’ is the type of song that makes you feel cool while strutting your stuff, whereas ‘Sharp Tongues’ tore up the concrete completely.

’23, Never Me’ is the song that plays as you walk away (without looking ofc) from the wreckage. Dead Pony have become synonymous with massive guitar riffs, and they don’t disappoint here. Flitting between heavy onslaughts of noise and slower, melodic sections, they tear through the airwaves, setting the tone for the other instruments to keep up. The gritty basslines rumble the ground, while the drums sound like they’re being bashed in. It sounds immense.

Despite the sheer ferocity of the track and Dead Pony’s sound in general, they’ve also got an ear for hooks. Anna Shields’ vocals bring little touches of rhythm to the mix, injecting hints of groove while maintaining the chaotic nature of the instrumental. So while their music sounds absolutely prepared to punch you in the face, it also considers the hips too, which is nice.

’23, Never Me’ is a superb song from Dead Pony. They’ve released some of the best tunes this year and have low-key become one of my favourite acts to follow. With news of a debut EP coming out next year, I cannot wait to see how little of my face will remain after hearing it.

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