It’s interview time once again! This time we had a little chat with Dear Caroline, a four-piece from Manchester who dazzled with their single ‘Felt Like Forever’ last year. Their mix of youthful Indie Rock goodness made a fan out of me, so I was honoured to feature them once again. As always, support the band via their Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud pages, and enjoy!

Hello Dear Caroline, how’s it going? Hello, fabulously thank you.

Could you tell us the story behind the formation of the band? Who influenced you guys into creating music of your own? Dear Caroline has been through a few different stages. It has essentially always been us, Alfie and Joe. We’ve been through different lineups and names but settled as we are towards the end of college.

Jacob (bass player) found himself in the same music class as Joe and we just couldn’t resist his pretty face…it had nothing to do with his bass playing skills. He then lead us to our drummer Nat who played at Jacob’s church and just so happened to be in search of a band when we came to him.

We first started playing music together when we joined our first high school band. That was also when we wrote our first few songs together. I suppose the inspiration predominantly derives from our parents who bought us a portable CD player that consumed the majority of our time on long car journeys. Our Dad would make a playlist of his favourite current songs and put them on a CD for us. One of our earliest musical memories is listening to that CD and putting on The Killers’ ‘Somebody Told Me’ on the car stereo on the way to football training every Thursday.

You guys are Dear Caroline, you have a song called ‘Caroline’. Who is Caroline? Caroline isn’t necessarily one specific person, it differs depending who you are. Essentially Caroline is a personification of intrigue and mystery. We’ve used a person to convey this emotion because everyone knows someone they’re fascinated by, romantically or not.

What can you tell us about your new single ‘Felt Like Forever’? Are you happy with how it’s turned out and the response it’s received so far? ‘Felt Like Forever’ is a song about the freedom to be who you want to be, a freedom that isn’t necessarily accepted by society as it is. We used one person’s experience of a night where they’re ridiculed for acting, dressing and generally being the way they want. The ‘bullies’, so to speak, are representative of society as a whole not accepting them and the song is about the frustration that comes with that.

We are very happy with the way it sounds. We think it conveys the grit and anger that we felt whilst writing it. The song in its recorded state has done quite well and has lifted a few heads but our priority is our live set and we think that is where our new track really catches the eye (or ear).

Are there things in life that you feel take forever? What’s something that could be so much easier than it is currently? It depends really. Writing songs sometimes feel like it takes forever but then again some take as long to write as they do to play, so who knows? As I mentioned before, we went through quite a few names before we settled on Dear Caroline…it took about a year to get the band to a stage where we were comfortable performing it in front of people.

What’s next for you guys? We can’t wait for 2018. We’ve got some quite exciting stuff in the pipeline. Our first headline gig at Gullivers on the 10th of February has just been announced along with a single release and we’re looking at getting a few festival slots over the summer.

If you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? We’re all fuzzed up and ready to scream!

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