Deep.sleep – ‘You and I’ / New Single

Deep.sleep return with ‘You and I’. Like most bands, the Newcastle act had to scrap their plans to tour this year. Instead they chose to hunker down and work on their sound, culminating in this new single that frees the mind of anxiety and all its wonderful traits.

Written about a time in frontman Dan Frend’s life when multiple facets were changing, ‘You and I’ details the struggle to come to terms with heading into the unexpected. Consistent references to feeling lost and wanting a loved one back ring throughout, cutting through an instrumental that pops with bright guitars and melodies. It’s a real honest insight, one that shows a lot of vulnerability which counteracts against the idea that you should simply “man up” and “get on with it”.

This year especially, we all need to hear that, so it’s refreshing to hear Deep.sleep contribute to this. Especially as its paired with an instrumental that is full of strong riffs and melodies. ‘You and I’ is a great song that really gets you feeling connected, whether that’s to yourself or the situation, it acts as a great comforter.

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